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Past courses

Ongoing theses

NameTopic (Topic area)Degree
Tuomas LepolaComputational neuroscience PhD
Teemu Roos Developments in Minimum Description Length Principle and its applicationsPhD
Sami PerttuTopic to be decided PhD
Tommi MononenTopic be decided PhD
Pekka UronenChePhD
Petri NokelainenBayesian modeling in professional growth (University of Tampere)PhD
Pertti KuokkanenBayesian Decision making in leadership processesPhLic
Hannes WettigBayesian empiricsPhD
Jussi LahtinenBayesian visualizationMSc
Petri KontkanenImproving the predictive accuracy of the discrete Naïve Bayes classifierMSc
Tomi SilanderBayesian approach to data analysisPhD

Finished theses

Year  NameTopic (Topic area)Degree
2002Kimmo Valtonen Bayesian networks and information-theoretical modeling for the wild salmon (Salmo salar L.) parr and smolt populations of Gulf of Bothnia riversMSc
2002Marko Ikonen Supporting information retrieval by social navigation visualizationMSc
2001Tuomas Lepola On the computational power of pulsed neural networksMSc
 Sami Mäkinen-OkuboGenetic programming for binpackingMSc
 Teemu Tonteri A statistical modeling approach to location estimationMSc
 Toni Rintala Predicting elevator call with Bayesian approachesMSc
 Ari Rantanen Prediction of bakery products with machine learning methodsMSc
2000Tomi Päiväniemi Combining inference methods for Bayesian NetworksMSc
 Ilkka Autio Mapping real world environments with an autonomous robotMSc
 Jari Kätsyri Intelligent cooperating agents: Robot soccerMSc
 Teppo Heikurinen Comparison of approximate Bayesian network inference algorithmsMSc
1999Pekka Uronen Visualization of Bayesian networksMSc
1998Tero Tuononen Anomaly detection in computer systemsMSc
 Pertti Kuokkanen Empirical estimation of prediction accuracyMSc
1997Jan Täppinen Neural networks in financial applicationsMSc
 Hannes Wettig Comparing Bayesian approaches to Missing Data Prediction (Universität zu Köln)MSc
 Alberto de las HerasA solution to the resource allocation problem using some Tabu search techniques (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya)MSc
1995Seppo Mallenius Optimization of address coding in SDM memoriesMSc
 Markus Huttunen Time series prediction with neural networksMSc


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