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Finished CoSCo Projects

Cognitive-Level Annotation using Latent Statistical Structure (CLASS)

Cognitively Inspired Visual Interfaces for Representing Multidimensional Information (CIVI)

MDL-teoriaan perustuvat kuvasignaalien kohinanpoistomenetelmät (KUKOT)

Probabilistic Methods for Microarray Data (PMMA)

Search-Ina-Box (SIB)


Scalable Probabilistic Methods for the Next Generation Search Engine (Prose)

Superpeer Semantic Search Engine (ALVIS)

Proactive Information Retrieval by Adaptive Models of Users' Attention and Interests (PRIMA)

MINOS: Minimum Description Length Modeling in Computer Science and Statistics

Duration: 2002-
Funding: Academy of Finland
» MINOS Homepage

Prose: Scalable Probabilistic Methods for the Next Generation Search Engine

Duration: 2003-2006
Funding: Academy of Finland
» PROSE Homepage

DeepC: Computationally Efficient Methods for Deep Computing

Duration: 2000-2003
Funding: Academy of Finland
» DeepC Homepage

Bidma: Multivariate Biological Data Analysis

Duration: 2002-2004
Funding: Kibron Inc.

SFAS: Software for Autonomous Spacecraft

Duration: 2000-
Funding: Space Systems Finland, European Space Agency (ESA)

Computationally Efficient Probabilistic Learning and Reasoning

Duration: 2000-2002
Funding: Academy of Finland

PAI: Personalized Adaptive Interfaces

Duration: 2000-2002
Funding: TEKES, AlmaMedia, Ekahau, BayesIT
» PAI Homepage

Promos: Probabilistic Modeling of Baltic Salmon Stocks

Duration: 2000-2001
Funding: European Commission

PROMISE: Applications of Probabilistic Modeling and Search Methods

Duration: 1998-2000
Funding: TEKES, TietoEnator, Kone Corporation, Nokia, BayesIT
» PROMISE Homepage

NONE: Computational Intelligence Techniques for Nonlinear Modeling in Social Sciences

Duration: 1996-1999
Funding: Academy of Finland
» NONE Homepage

HYPE: Computationally Intelligent Hybrid Systems

Duration: 1994-1998
Funding: TEKES, Nokia, ABB, Kone Corporation
» HYPE Homepage

Cabinet: Software Tools for Case-Based Reasoning

Duration: 1994-1995
Funding: TEKES, Kone Corporation

REX: Reasoning by Examples

Duration: 1992-1994
Funding: TEKES, Kone Corporation

NEULOG: Programming Methods for Neural Computing

Duration: 1988-1991
Funding: TEKES, Okobank


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