Studia Stemmatologica

A Series of International Workshops on Stemmatology

Organizers: T. Heikkilä, P. Myllymäki & T. Roos

Supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation 


   Third Workshop, November 21–24, 2010   

Pisa, Italy

The third workshop takes place in Pisa, November 21–24, 2010.

Practical Information


Rooms are reserved for the invitees at Grand Hotel Duomo,Via Santa Maria 94, Pisa. In Google Maps.

Workshop Venue

The workshop will take place at the Grand Hotel Duomo. All sessions are located in the hotel's meeting room.


Please click here for a list of relevant papers by the participants of Studia Stemmatologica. Please feel free to submit bibliographic references to your own papers to Teemu Roos.

Workshop Program

Sunday 21 November

20.00 Welcoming Dinner
Osteria I Santi (Via S. Maria 71).

Monday 22 November

Morning: Extracurricular Activities
  • We have booked us an English-speaking guide who will guide us through the historical sights of Pisa. The tour — should you choose to join it — will start at 10.00 from our hotel.
13.00 Lunch
Osteria dei Cavalieri (Via S. Frediano 16).

15.00-16.30 Session 1: Opening & Artificial Textual Traditions I
  • Opening of the Workshop
  • Philipp Roelli: Comparison of Artificial Manuscript Traditions and presenting the first Latin one
  • Heather Windram: Preliminary results on the Julius Caesar data — Shifting affiliations
16.30-17.00 Coffee Break

17.00-18.30 Session 2: Artificial Textual Traditions II
  • Daniel Apollon: Simultaneous visualisation of a subset of the artificial Julius Caesar variants and their textual witnesses.
  • Gerd Haverling: Corrections and vulgarizations made by the scribes
  • Discussion: How to compare results on artificial traditions? How to use artificial traditions in developing stemmatological methods?
20.00 Dinner
Il Campano (Via Domenico Cavalca 19).

Tuesday 23 November

10.00–11.30 Session 3: From Texts to a Stemma
  • Aidan Conti: Stemmatology and the science of copying
  • Marina Buzzoni: Heliand and Luther's translation of the Bible — towards a quantitative contrastive analysis
11.30–12.00 Coffee Break

12.00–13.30 Session 4: How to Read a Stemma?
  • Wendy Phillips-Rodriguez: Reading stemmata
  • Discussion: How do we read a stemma? What do we read from it?
13.30 Lunch
Osteria La Mescita (Via Domenico Cavalca 2).

15.30–17.00 Session 5: Stemmatological Works-in-Progress I
  • Caroline Mace: Research project on "text evolution"
  • Tuomas Heikkilä & Teemu Roos: Stemmatology of medieval calendars
20.00 Dinner Osteria del Tinti (Vicolo Tinti 26).

Wednesday 24 November

10.00–11.30 Session 6: Stemmatological Works-in-Progress II
  • Teemu Roos: Who's afraid of multifurcation and extant interior nodes? — A new method for stemmatic analysis
  • Marko Halonen: Studying a medieval Bishops's Chronicle
11.30–12.00 Coffee Break

12.00–13.00 Final Discussion, including e.g.:
  • Barbara Bordalejo: Plans for a joint publication?
  • Topics of the next workshop
  • Et multa cetera
13.00 Lunch
Zerocinquata (050) (Via san Francesco 36).

15.00- Joint Session with the InterEdition Group
Consiglio Nazionale delle Riserche (CNR)
(outside the city centre, transportation will be provided)
  • Two papers on the activities of the Studia Stemmatologica by Peter Robinson and Tuomas Heikkilä & Teemu Roos
  • Two papers on the activities of the InterEdition group by Joris van Zundert and Karina van Dalen-Oskam


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