Organizers: T. Heikkilä, P. Myllymäki & T. Roos

Supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation 

A series of six international workshops on stemmatology organized in 2010–2012. The participants were hand-picked among the leading scholars of the field on this planet, and the ultimate goal of the endeavour was to thoroughly explore the possibilities of stemmatological approach within textual sholarship and other fields of study.

First Workshop, January 27–30, 2010

Helsinki, Finland

Second Workshop, June 20–23, 2010

Uppsala, Sweden

Third Workshop, November 21–24, 2010

Pisa, Italy

Fourth Workshop, March 22–25, 2011

Cambridge, UK

Fifth Workshop, October 5–8, 2011

Rome, Italy

Sixth Workshop, June 27–30, 2012

Helsinki, Finland

Seventh Workshop, May 18–19, 2017

Rome, Italy