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   Seventh Workshop, May 18–19, 2017   

Villa Lante, Rome, Italy

The first workshop in the second coming of the Studia Stemmatologica series, and the seventh in all, will take place in Villa Lante, Rome, Italy, on May 18–19, 2017.

Practical Information

Workshop Venue

The workshop will take place in the Villa Lante (Upper Library).

Workshop Programme

Wednesday 17 May

Cocktails & Dinner BBQ
Place: Villa Lante, Master's Lodge

Thursday 18 May

9.30-11.00 Session 1 (chair: Tara Andrews, TBC)
  • Tuomas Heikkilä & Heather Windram – Introduction
  • Marko Halonen – Variants in the study of medieval calendars
  • Teemu Roos – Quantitative Methods for the Analysis of Medieval Calendars
11.00-11.30 Coffee Break

11.30-13.00 Session 2 (chair: Michael Stolz)
  • Heather Windram – Phylomemetics of Music: Two Contrasting Preludes from The Well-Tempered Clavier II
  • Jamie Tehrani – Cladogenic Structure in World Mythologies
13.00-15.30 Lunch
Place: Ristorante Scarpone

15.30-17.15 Session 3 (chair: Teemu Roos)
  • Pasi Hyytiäinen – Current state of New Testament textual criticism – and how computer-assisted stemmatology is changing the field
  • Tuomas Heikkilä – Value of computer-assisted stemmatology in preparing an edition of the hagiographical texts about St Symeon
17.15-17.30 Coffee Break

17.30-18.30 Session 4 (chair: Peter Robinson)
  • Workshop
    An online environment for collaborative research into large textual traditions, with tools for transcription, collation, and analysis.
20.00 Dinner
Place: Trattoria Polese, Piazza Sforza Cesarini, 40

Friday 19 May

9.30–11.00 Session 5 (chair: Jamie Tehrani)
  • Michael Stolz – Manuscript transmission, stemmatics, and the (bio)genetics of texts
  • Marina Buzzoni – An Introduction to Stemmatology in the Digital Age: Motivations for an unconventional project
11.00-11.30 Coffee Break

11.30–13.00 Session 6 (chair: Marko Halonen)
  • Godfried Croenen – Title to be announced
  • Tara Andrews – Update on Stemmaweb development
13.00-15.50 Lunch
Place: Ristorante Scarpone

15.50–17.00 Session 7 (chair: Chris Howe)
  • Round Table Discussion
    Guidelines for the Selection, Regularisation and Coding of Variants
17.00–17.35 Session 8 (chair: Heather Windram)
  • Discussion of Future Plans – SS-VIII and beyond!
20.00 Dinner
Place: Miraggio Club, Via della Lungara, 16