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   Eighth Workshop, April 3–5, 2019   

Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, UK

The eighth workshop in the Studia Stemmatologica series — and the second workshop in its second coming — took place in Cambridge, UK, on April 3–5, 2019.

Practical Information

Workshop Venue

The workshop will take place at the Corpus Christi College.

Workshop Programme

Wednesday April 3

20.30 Cocktails & Dinner
Place: Café Rouge

Thursday April 4

9.00 Tea and Coffee 9.25 Welcome and Introduction (HW and CH) 9.30-11.00 Session 1 (chair: Tuomas Heikkilä)
  • Wendy Phillips-Rodriguez: A look into the dynamics of reception and recomposition in the written transmission of the Mahābhārata
  • Pasi Hyytiäinen: Automated stemmatic analysis of Acts: Toward computerized New Testament textual criticism
11.00-11.30 Tea/Coffee Break

11.30-13.00 Session 2 (chair: Ruth Connolly)
  • Armin Hoenen: Archetype reconstruction — a summary
  • Martin Medland: Bowed phonographic monochords and dichords: Phylogenetic reconstruction in organology
13.00-15.30 Lunch
Place: Corpus Christi College (cafeteria service)

14.30-16.00 Session 3 (chair: Chris Howe)
  • Yo Tomita: Two preludes from Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier II — and a manuscript of uncertain ancestry
  • Terence Charlston: The clavier in Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier
16.00-16.30 Tea/Coffee Break

16.30-17.30 Session 4 (chair: Marina Buzzoni)
  • Peter Robinson and Barbara Bordalejo: What to do when there are very few variants
  • Workshop (led by Peter Robinson): Textual Communities and RHM
19.00 Cocktails & Dinner
Place: Drinks 19.00 (Old Combination Room), Dinner 19:45 (New Combination Room)

Friday 5 April

9.00 Tea and Coffee>
9.30–11.00 Session 5 (chair: Gerd Haverling)
  • Jamie Tehrani: Mythology project
  • Chris Howe: Bayesian analysis of texts
11.00-11.30 Tea/Coffee Break

11.30–13.00 Session 6 (chair: Wendy Phillips-Rodriguez)
  • Kathi Huber: A new tool for constructing and representing evolutionary histories involving introgression
  • Teemu Roos and Tuomas Heikkilä: Two short presentations: 1) PhyloDAG 2) The Death Psalm of Bishop Henry
13.00-14.15 Lunch
Place: Corpus Christi College (cafeteria service)

14.15–15.15 Visit to exhibitions in the Parker Library

15.15–16.00 Session 7 (chair: Armin Hoenen)
  • Vincent Moulton: Phylogenetic supernetworks
16.00-16.30 Tea/Coffee Break

16.30–18.00 Session 8 (chair: Teemu Roos)
  • Michael Stolz: Exemplar and copy of the Rappoltsteiner 'Parzifal': Manuscript transmission and textual genesis in the fourteenth century.
  • Odd Einar Haugen: The critical edition: Does it really need a stemma?
  • Very brief word on future plans (HW) — SS-IX (2021?)
19.15 Dinner
Place: Riverside Restaurant


  • Heather Windram
  • Chris Howe